The Fool
Ep. 01

The Fool

Episode description

In this, the pilot episode of Bug City Blues, our ragtag cast introduce their characters with which they’ll forge a new -and hopefuly lucrative- team of shadowrunners. Join in the campaign as Alex (Pancetta), Clinton (River Bear), Chris (Lester Moore), Nathan (Lockdown) and Nikole (Moira Goldleaf), led by narrator and game master Connor, delve into a new adventure. Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, ever cut a deal with a dragon.

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Music Credits:

Beauty Flow Anxiety Metaphysik Ancient Rite By Kevin MacLeod (

Spacial Winds I Squee Bell Swirl Noise Edges By Unroyalty (Note: Unroyalty has since shut down)

Danya Vodovoz - Misty Rain BlackbirdBard - Liminal Fracture Ostieguy - Electronic Shuffle MokkaMusic - Synthetic Pleasures Onycs - Eden Hazy - Dreamer Lobo Loco - Space Elves

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